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26 Stylish Bathroom Tray Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Bathroom

Ever feel like your bathroom needs a little sprucing up? I know the feeling.

Adding a tray to your bathroom decor can make a big difference.

Trays aren’t just practical for keeping your essentials organized; they also add a touch of style that can transform your space.

There are so many materials to choose from, each bringing its own unique charm.

Whether you’re into the rustic warmth of wood, the sleek look of metal, the elegance of silver, the boldness of black, the earthy vibe of clay, or the luxury of marble, there’s something for everyone.

Let’s dive into 26 creative bathroom tray decor ideas that will enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.

bathroom tray decor ideas - 1

Rustic Wood Trays

Wooden trays are a fantastic choice for creating a natural and cozy look in your bathroom.

You can style a wooden tray with a few key items to enhance its appeal.

For instance, placing a small potted plant or some fresh greenery on the tray adds a refreshing touch of nature.

Adding a couple of candles not only looks great but also creates a relaxing ambiance.

Natural soap bars in different shapes and scents can also be a lovely addition, providing both function and a pleasant aesthetic.

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Specific types of wood can further personalize your tray decor.

Teak trays offer a rich, warm tone that pairs beautifully with white or cream-colored accessories.

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Bamboo trays have a lighter, more modern feel and look great with minimalist decor.

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Reclaimed wood trays bring a unique character and history, especially when combined with vintage or antique items.

You can also add a small dish for jewelry or other small items, keeping everything organized and stylish.

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Industrial Chic Metal Trays

I find that metal trays bring a touch of industrial chic to the space, making it feel contemporary and stylish.

To style a metal tray, you can pair it with glass jars for storing cotton balls, Q-tips, or bath salts.

Adding geometric decor, such as a small geometric candle holder or a modern soap dispenser, enhances the minimalist vibe.

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Different types of metal trays can suit various styles.

Brushed steel trays are perfect for a modern, understated look and pair well with monochromatic color schemes.

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Wrought iron trays add a bit of vintage flair and can be complemented with antique-looking accessories.

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Copper trays bring warmth and a hint of luxury, looking especially good with white or marble countertops.

You can also add a small succulent or air plant to introduce a touch of greenery without disrupting the sleek aesthetic.

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Elegant Silver Trays

Silver trays bring a refined and sophisticated feel to the bathroom, making even the simplest items look more upscale.

To style a silver tray, you might start by adding some clear, sparkling crystal accents, such as a crystal jar for cotton balls or a crystal perfume bottle.

Including luxury soaps in decorative packaging can further elevate the tray’s appearance.

Arrange them neatly alongside a beautifully designed soap dish or dispenser.

Fresh flowers, such as a small vase with white roses or lilies, add a natural and fragrant touch that contrasts beautifully with the metallic sheen of the tray.

bathroom tray decor ideas - 10

There are various types of silver trays to choose from.

Polished silver trays have a bright, reflective finish that pairs well with modern decor.

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Antique silver trays bring a touch of vintage charm and work wonderfully with more traditional or eclectic styles.

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Silver-plated trays offer a more affordable option while still providing that luxurious look.

To complete the setup, you might include a scented candle or a few rolled hand towels, neatly placed.

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Bold Black Trays

Black trays make a striking statement in any bathroom, creating a bold and contemporary look that stands out.

To style a black tray, you can create a stunning contrast by pairing it with white towels, which highlight the tray’s dark elegance.

Adding modern sculptures, such as a small abstract piece or a minimalist vase, can enhance the tray’s visual appeal and provide a touch of artistic flair.

bathroom tray decor ideas - 15

There are various types of black trays you can choose from to suit your style.

A matte black tray offers a sleek, understated look that pairs well with minimalist decor.

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Glossy black trays add a bit of shine and glamor, making them perfect for a more polished and luxurious setting.

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Textured black trays, with patterns or raised designs, can add depth and interest to the arrangement.

To complete the look, consider adding chic dispensers for soap and lotion, preferably in metallic finishes like gold or silver to provide a touch of contrast and sophistication.

You might also include a small plant or a few carefully chosen toiletries in stylish containers.

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Unique Clay Trays

Clay trays bring a unique, earthy charm to any bathroom, perfect for those who appreciate artisanal vibes and natural materials.

To style a clay tray, start with handmade soaps in various shapes and natural scents.

Complement the clay tray with small terracotta pots filled with succulents or herbs.

Adding dried flowers like lavender or eucalyptus can further elevate the tray’s aesthetic.

Place them in a small vase or lay them directly on the tray to add a pop of color and a subtle, natural fragrance.

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Different types of clay trays offer various stylistic options.

Terracotta trays provide a classic, rustic look that pairs well with other natural elements.

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Glazed clay trays bring a smooth, shiny finish, adding a touch of sophistication and making them easier to clean.

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Hand-painted clay trays showcase unique designs and colors, offering an artistic and personalized touch.

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Luxurious Marble Trays

Marble trays add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom, offering a timeless and classy look that instantly elevates the space.

You can enhance its elegance with gold accents.

For instance, adding a gold soap dispenser or a small gold tray for jewelry can create a stunning contrast against the marble.

High-end toiletries are another excellent addition to a marble tray.

Choose elegantly packaged products, such as designer soaps and lotions, to maintain the upscale vibe.

Elegant candles in glass holders or with subtle metallic finishes can add warmth and a pleasant aroma, making the space feel even more luxurious.

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Different types of marble trays offer various stylistic options.

White marble trays provide a clean, classic look that complements almost any decor.

bathroom tray decor ideas - 24

Black marble trays add a dramatic, bold touch, perfect for modern settings.

bathroom tray decor ideas - 25

Veined marble trays, with their unique patterns, bring an artistic and distinctive element to the bathroom.

To complete the look, consider adding a small vase with fresh flowers or a decorative item like a crystal or a small sculpture.

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