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14 Kitchen Organization Ideas to Turn Your Messy Kitchen into a Stress-Free Heaven

I have never understood the cleaning hobbies of some people. Although I do household chores daily, they are always challenging. However, I recently noticed that there is a sense of satisfaction after cleaning up the cluttered space in my apartment.

Tidying up your surroundings can also enhance your sleep quality, prevent you from catching colds, and help you focus better.

Cleaning and organizing the kitchen is never easy.

If you want to make your kitchen more functional and enjoyable, here are 14 tips to keep it clean and tidy.

From kitchen organization ideas for cabinets, countertops, and pantries to clever storage hacks for small spaces and food storage, there’s something for every kitchen.

Whether you’re dealing with a small fridge in an apartment or tackling a DIY kitchen renovation, these tips will help you achieve a cool kitchen setup.

kitchen storage organizers

Tips for Kitchen Area

1. Be Tidy

It sounds a little bit cliché saying this. But it’s true. Don’t make a mess in the first place and you don’t have to bother cleaning it.

Otherwise, try to tidy up the kitchen as soon as you finish using it.

You will notice that cleaning immediately is more pleasant than letting the chores pile up and become overwhelming.

tidy the kitchen

2. Clean Every Day

Got 5 minutes? Let’s clean it.

I know for some it’s hard to keep your kitchen looking tidy and shiny all the time, especially for those who always have the bits and pieces to do.

Setting up a cleaning routine is a great way to keep your kitchen organized.

You can start by tossing spoiled leftovers, getting rid of expired items, and donating unused cookware.

A clutter-free kitchen allows for smooth meal preparation and an inviting cooking space.

kitchen to do list

3. Simplify Kitchen Items

Get rid of single-purpose appliances that you might not need, such as an egg poacher, a banana slicer, or a garlic press.

These gadgets may seem handy, but they often take up space and we just don’t need to use them that often.

Replacing them with multi-use tools, which are tools that can perform various tasks. For example, you don’t need to buy a garlic press that only does one thing: mincing garlic cloves.

You can use a blender or a food processor instead, which are also handy for making smoothies, soups, and more.

food processor

4. Make Use of All of the Kitchen’s Space

Try to make use of all of the available space, especially with small kitchens.

below kitchen counter storage

My small kitchen has cupboards that reach the ceiling, which gives me more room to store things and saves me the hassle of dusting the top or the underside of the cupboards.

ceiling cupboards

You can also use hooks, racks, or shelves to hang pots, pans, and utensils, on the walls or under the cabinets. This way, you can free up counter space and drawers for other items.

kitchen hook rack

5. Stick to a Theme

A theme is a uniform design or scheme that gives your kitchen a harmonious look.

For example, you can go for a minimalist theme with white and black items, a rustic theme with wood and metal items, or a colorful theme with bright and cheerful items.

Check out this article for 24 inspiring kitchen color schemes that will make your kitchen look amazing.

Remodeling your kitchen into a theme can help you decide what items to keep, display, or discard, and make your kitchen look more organized.

Scandinavian-style kitchen interior

Tips for Specific Zones

In a basic household, the kitchen will have 5 areas based on its functionality: the countertops, the cooking zone, the pantry, the storage, and the sink zones.


6. Display Everyday Items

The countertop area is where I do most of my kitchen work. I like to keep my everyday items, like my coffee pot or rice cooker, on display. Don’t forget to match their color or materials to the kitchen’s theme so that it gives off clean and tidy vibes.

Also, to keep them looking neat, I put away the items that aren’t used much in deep cabinets or the pantry, like a pressure cooker, baking trays, or mixers.

For everyday utensils, I think jars and cans will make good holders.

utensils and dishes on countertop

7. Add a Personal Touch

You can also bring in your personal touch to decorate this area, to make your kitchen yours. For example, adding some flowers or fruit bowls will brighten up the space.

Make sure you are choosing fruits and flowers that fit the color theme and design of your kitchen.

flower vases on countertop

For instance, if white and black are the theme of your kitchen, you should add some pops of color with yellow lemons, green apples, or oranges.

decorate kitchen countertop with fruits

Always remember to stick to an everyday decluttering routine to keep the countertops organized, as this area sets the tone for your entire kitchen.

Cooking Zone

Born and raised in an Asian household, I have at least 10 condiments at home, ranging from five-spice powder, fish sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, and the list goes on.

Then, how do we arrange them and make our kitchen look organized?

8. Use Uniformed Containers

When purchased from the store, the condiments and oil containers usually come in different sizes and shapes.

Instead of a mishmash of store-bought containers, opt for uniform, same-design containers for essentials.

This not only provides a tidy and coordinated appearance, but also enhances functionality.

For macaroni, coffee, or cereal, you can use airtight food storage containers to preserve the freshness and quality of your food.

glass spice jars

9. Store Condiments Within Arm-Reach

Make sure your spices are stored within your cooking zones. If you are using a cabinet, using shelves and carousels is efficient for space optimization.

Normally, I would put my condiment jars and oil dispenser in a wooden tray, placing taller bottles inside and smaller ones outside, so that it’s easier to grab them while cooking.

keep kitchen condiments within arm reach

Pantry and Refrigerator

10. Maximize Storage Space With Built-In Organizers

Your storage and pantry can store more items if arranged reasonably with the organizers.

These can range from pull-out drawers to carousel shelving, offering efficient use of space and making it easy to locate ingredients.

Hidden organizers are a good choice if you opt for a sleek and clutter-free look.

pull out cabinet organizer

In compact kitchens, maximize space efficiency by investing in smart organizers.

Consider pull-out shelves or tiered racks to make the most of vertical space. Products like over-the-door organizers can also be a game-changer for small kitchen organizations.

over the door organizer

11. Store Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are essential for cooking, but they are also bulky and cumbersome to store.

To organize your pots and pans, you can start by working out what you need and how often you use them.

I usually put my most used pots and pans in places that are easy to reach, such as a hanging rack, a cabinet near the stove, or a drawer under the counter.

The ones that I rarely use, such as a wok, a stockpot, or a roasting pan, are hidden or put away in deep drawers.

For heavy pots and pans, I suggest putting them in lower cabinets and using organizer racks for easier access.

pot and pan organizer

12. Keep Your Refrigerator Neat

Your fridge is the hub of your kitchen. Don’t just leave your groceries or food with its plastic packaging straight into the fridge.

Not only it isn’t aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also harmful in some cases.

Try categorizing your items and group them using the fridge organizers. This will make your fridge look neater and let you know what you have at a glance.

fridge organizer

Sink Zones

13. Wash Dishes Immediately After Eating

Does anyone love seeing a stack of dirty and moldy dishes? I doubt it, except for psychopaths.

So, maybe you should try to clean right after every meal. This will make you feel more relaxed and keep your kitchen sanitary.

If left sitting in the sink for too long, the bacteria could grow and lead to several diseases.

I suggest using a dish drying rack to dry your dishes and save space on your countertop.

A sink organizer is also useful for storing your sponge, soap, and other cleaning tools in a tidy way.

sponge holder organizer

14. Pay Attention to Under-Sink Zones

Some people ignore the space under the sink while cleaning and it usually ends up being much more filthy than other areas.

I think using slide-out basket organizers is the best in these cabinets, and they come in handy for storing a variety of items.

But mind you, chemicals like bleach or dish soap should be put in higher places for children’s safety.

slide out basket organizer

Find the Perfect Balance

Don’t find any of those tips applicable?

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all cleaning routine, some of us can be very different from each other in considering what is tidy and what is not.

If there is no right or wrong way to clean your kitchen, then how do we agree on a specific standard for organizing things?

The most important thing to do is to find the perfect suit for your lifestyle.

You can make use of some advice mentioned or do nothing.

After all, it’s your house, it’s your choice.