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21 Fun and Fantastical Space-Themed Bedroom Ideas for Boy Toddlers

Creating an aesthetic space-themed bedroom makeover for boys can be a thrilling adventure.

It’s like bringing a slice of the cosmos right into their room, where stars and planets become their nightly companions.

This guide offers inspiring space-themed bedroom ideas to transform a simple bedroom into an exciting space exploration zone.

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Whether it’s for toddlers, kids, teens, or even a baby, you’ll find decor tips that cater to all ages.

From celestial wall colors to spaceship-inspired furniture, let’s embark on this stellar journey together.

Stellar Color Schemes and Wall Decor

Creating the perfect backdrop for a space-themed bedroom starts with the paint color schemes and wall decor.

This could be a fun DIY project to do with your kids, making the transformation process enjoyable and memorable.

Here are five cosmic color schemes paired with wall decor ideas that can transform any boy’s room into a captivating celestial escape:

Midnight Blue and Silver

Paint the walls in deep midnight blue, complemented by silver accents.

Add a touch of sparkle with a wall mural of the Milky Way or starry night sky.

space themed bedroom for boys 1

Black and Neon Green

Use a bold black for the walls, which provides a vast, dark universe-like feel.

Accentuate with neon green stickers or decals that glow in the dark, resembling distant galaxies and alien spacecraft.

space themed bedroom for boys 2

Dark Purple and Gold

Opt for dark purple wallpaper for a rich, mysterious vibe.

Gold decals of constellations and celestial bodies can add a royal touch to the theme.

space themed bedroom for boys 3

Navy and White

Navy walls create a strong base for a space theme.

You may want to use white for star patterns and rocket ship outlines, which can be painted or applied as decals.

space themed bedroom for boys 4

Charcoal and Blue

Paint the walls in a soft charcoal shade.

Blue accessories and wall art depicting planets and stars will enhance the cosmic atmosphere, making the room feel like a night under the stars.

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Space Themed Wallpapers

Wallpapers are an excellent way to instantly transform any room with vivid imagery and themes.

For a boy’s space-themed bedroom, choosing the right wallpaper can set the tone for the entire space.

Here are five captivating space-themed wallpapers that are perfect for creating a cosmic adventure right at home:

Galactic Nebula Wallpaper

This wallpaper features swirling colors and sparkling stars, resembling distant nebulas in space.

It’s perfect for adding a burst of color and a sense of deep space mystery to the room.

space themed bedroom for boys 16

Cartoon Planet System Wallpaper

Ideal for younger children, this wallpaper includes friendly, cartoon-style representations of planets and their moons, engaging kids in a fun and educational way.

space themed bedroom for boys 17

Star Constellations Wallpaper

With a dark background and white stars, this wallpaper maps various constellations across the walls, creating a stunning outer-space theme.

It’s educational and can be used to teach children about different stars and their positions in the night sky.

space themed bedroom for boys 18

Spaceship Blueprint Wallpaper

This design features schematics and blueprints of spaceships and rockets, appealing to young aspiring engineers and astronauts

It adds a technical touch to the room while keeping with the theme.

space themed bedroom for boys 19

Moon Surface Wallpaper

Transform one wall into the surface of the moon with this realistic wallpaper.

It can create a focal point in the room and spark imagination about walking on the moon.

space themed bedroom for boys 20

Furniture that Fits the Theme

Choosing the right furniture can really make a space-themed bedroom come alive for boys.

Here are five fun and functional pieces of furniture that fit perfectly within this adventurous theme:

Spaceship Bed

Transform bedtime into a launch into dreams with a bed designed like a modern spaceship.

This centerpiece can include features like a cockpit-shaped headboard or space-themed bedding.

space themed bedroom for boys 6

Rocket Bookshelf

A rocket-shaped bookshelf not only adds a playful touch but also keeps books and space-themed toys organized.

Its vibrant colors and unique shape can serve as a standout decor piece.

space themed bedroom for boys 7

Planet-Themed Dresser

Customize a standard dresser with planet-shaped knobs and a paint job that includes stars and orbits.

This can be a fun weekend project to do together.

space themed bedroom for boys 8

Astronaut Desk

An astronaut-themed desk, complete with details like knobs and drawers resembling control panels, offers a perfect spot for homework and creative projects about space.

space themed bedroom for boys 9

Galaxy Area Rug

Place a galaxy-print area rug on the floor to tie the room together and give it a full cosmic feel.

It’s both decorative and functional, providing a soft play area.

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Lighting and Accessories

Lighting and accessories are key elements in enhancing the atmosphere of a space-themed bedroom.

Here are five items that can help illuminate and decorate the room while keeping with the celestial theme:

Star Projector Night Light

Bring the night sky indoors with a star projector that casts images of stars and galaxies across the ceiling and walls.

It’s perfect for bedtime in a nursery, creating a soothing, starry environment for your little one.

space themed bedroom for boys 11

Meteor Shower LED Lights

Install LED lights that mimic a meteor shower on one of the walls or along the ceiling.

These night lights can be set to twinkle randomly, adding a magical touch to the room.

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Alien Table Lamp

A quirky alien-shaped lamp can add a fun and whimsical element to the child’s room. It’s great as a bedside light, perfect for reading, or as a night light.

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Space Station Clock

Keep time with a clock designed to look like a space station or satellite.

This functional accessory reinforces the theme and adds to the room’s decor.

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Astronaut Figurine Set

Decorative astronaut figurines can be placed on shelves or desks.

They not only serve as decor but also inspire imaginative play and interest in space exploration.

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