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24 Whimsical Ways to Create a Space-Themed Bedroom Haven for Girls

Creating a space-themed bedroom haven for girls can be so much fun.

Whether you’re decorating for a baby, toddler, kid, teen, or even an adult, these space-themed bedroom makeover ideas will help you design a dreamy, aesthetic retreat.

Let’s explore 24 whimsical ways to transform any room into a cosmic wonderland, perfect for every girl who loves a touch of the stars.

Ideas for Teen Girls to Create Their Own Space Paradise

I think one of the most impactful ways to start a space-themed bedroom for a pretty girl is with a starry night wall mural.

Consider incorporating paint colors like deep purples, midnight blues, and soft pinks to create a dreamy, celestial atmosphere.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 1

You can paint one wall with a beautiful mural depicting the night sky, complete with stars, planets, and galaxies.

This can be a fun DIY project to do with your child, sparking their creativity and making the room truly special.

If painting isn’t your thing, there are plenty of stunning wallpapers available that can achieve the same effect. This mural sets the tone for the room and creates a magical, immersive atmosphere.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 2

Your bed is the centerpiece of your room, and galaxy bedding can turn it into a standout feature.

Look for bedding that features vibrant, swirling patterns of stars and galaxies.

This type of bedding not only looks fantastic but also adds a sense of depth and wonder to your room.

You can find sets that include sheets, pillowcases, and comforters all adorned with cosmic designs.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 3

Astronaut wall decals are a fun and easy way to bring a sense of adventure to your space-themed bedroom.

These decals are usually removable and can be placed anywhere in your room.

Whether you have a small corner or a large wall, astronaut decals can add a playful touch and make you feel like you’re part of an interstellar journey.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 4

Space-themed curtains are another great way to tie the room together. Look for curtains that feature stars, moons, and planets.

These can enhance your room’s detail, beautifully complementing both your starry night wall mural and galaxy bedding.

Plus, they help keep the room dark for those late-night stargazing sessions or afternoon naps.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 5

A rocket bookshelf can be a whimsical and practical addition to your space-themed bedroom.

Shaped like a rocket ship, this bookshelf is perfect for storing books, trinkets, and other space-themed items.

It adds a touch of fun to the room and provides storage space that keeps your room tidy and organized.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 6

Let’s step onto another world every morning with a planetary rug. Look for rugs that feature images of planets, stars, or even a full solar system.

These rugs will infuse your room with coziness and comfort while also enhancing the overall cosmic theme. They’re perfect for adding a cozy spot to read or relax.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 7

Creating a space art gallery on one of your walls is a good option to give your room a personal touch.

You can frame art prints of space scenes, astronauts, and celestial bodies. Let’s combine various sizes and styles to craft a gallery wall that is both unique and captivating.

This lends a personal and artistic flair to a cozy bedroom with a space theme.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 8

I love to banish the harsh overhead light with a mesmerizing “moonlight”.

A moon-shaped night light is a perfect addition to your nightstand, desk or even a boring wall.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 9

These lamps often feature a realistic 3D design and can emit a soft, ambient night light. Not only do they add functionality but also offer the cosmic ambiance of the room.

You can find moon lamps that change colors, adding even more versatility to your decor.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 10

Creating a cosmic desk area can make studying and working more enjoyable.

Start with a desk that has a clean, modern design. Add space-themed accessories like a starry mouse pad, galaxy notebooks, and cosmic pens.

You can also include a small desk lamp with a celestial design.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 11

You can also include a corkboard that allows you to pin mission plans (homework schedules!), upcoming astronomy club meetings, or inspirational quotes.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 12

The photo displays the idea of turning bedtime into a celestial spectacle with glow-in-the-dark meteor shower ceiling stickers.

These glow-in-the-dark stickers can be placed on your ceiling to create the effect of a meteor shower above your bed.

They’re especially fun at night when they glow, creating a mesmerizing display that’s both soothing and exciting.

Toddler-Friendly Ways to Design a Outer Space Wonderland

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 13

You and your baby girl will definitely adore the idea of a rocket ship bed.  It’s not just a corner to sleep; it’s a launching pad for dreams and adventures.

These beds often come with built-in slides or play areas, making bedtime fun and exciting.

You can find designs that include detailed control panels, which can spark your child’s imagination and make them feel like a real astronaut.

A rocket ship bed is the perfect centerpiece for a space-themed bedroom, combining both play and rest in one fantastic piece of furniture.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 14

Nebula bean bag chairs bring a delightful blend of coziness and playfulness to any baby’s bedroom. These come in vibrant colors and swirling patterns that resemble distant galaxies.

Bean bag chairs are lightweight and easy to move around, so you can create a flexible seating arrangement that adapts to your child’s needs.

Also, they add a soft, comfortable element to the room that encourages relaxation and creativity.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 15

Outer space wall art can transform plain walls into a stunning cosmic display. You can choose from a variety of prints and canvases that feature stars, planets, rockets, and astronauts.

Framing these artworks and hanging them at different heights can create a gallery feel in your little angel’s room.

Trust me, space wall art is an easy and effective way to reinforce the theme and bring the wonder of the universe into your home.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 16

Astronaut plush toys are adorable and cuddly companions for your daughter.

These toys can be part of bedtime stories or daytime adventures, adding a playful and personal touch to the nursery.

Look for plush toys that are well-made and safe for young children.

Having a few different astronaut figures can create a small crew for your child to play with, fostering imaginative play and storytelling.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 17

A planet mobile hanging from the ceiling can add a whimsical and educational touch to your baby’s nursery room.

These mobiles often feature colorful planets and stars that gently spin, capturing your child’s attention. They can be placed over the bed or a play area, providing a soothing visual element that helps with relaxation and sleep.

A planet mobile not only enhances the space theme but also introduces your child to the wonders of our solar system.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 19

I’m drawn with a space-themed play mat that is a practical and fun addition to the room, and I’m sure you will too.

These mats often feature detailed illustrations of planets, rockets, and stars, providing a soft and safe surface for playtime.

They can protect your floors and make clean-up easier while giving your child a designated area for imaginative play.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 20

An astronaut growth chart is a fun way to track your child’s growth while keeping with the space theme.

These charts often feature rockets or astronauts that “grow” along with your child. Place it strategically on a wall where you can regularly mark your girl’s height.

It would be great for your child to see how much they’ve grown, knowing they’re getting closer and closer to reaching the stars!

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 21

The image shows the solution to keep a toddler’s room tidy with space-themed toy storage that makes your clean job easier and more fun.

Look for storage bins and boxes with rocket, planet, or star designs. These storage solutions can help organize toys, books, and other items while maintaining the room’s cosmic theme.

Clear labeling and accessible storage encourage your child to participate in clean-up time, making organization a fun part of their routine.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 22

Don’t forget to create an educational wonderland for your toddler with interactive wall panels adorned with space themes, guaranteeing hours of immersive fun

For instance, you can find panels with buttons that play space sounds or light up stars. Installing a few interactive panels at your child’s height can turn a plain wall into an exciting and educational play area.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 23

Your kid will fall in love with a rocket ship tent that is a fantastic addition to a space-themed child’s room.

These tents provide a cozy, private space where your toddler can read, play, or nap.

A rocket ship tent can stimulate your child’s imagination and provide a special hideaway that enhances their sense of adventure.

Space-Themed Bedroom for Girls 24

Constellation lighting can create a magical atmosphere in your little girl’s room. You can use string lights or special lamps that project constellations onto the ceiling and walls.

Beyond elevating the room’s aesthetic appeal, this type of lighting doubles as a soothing nightlight, adding a touch of magic to your child’s bedtime routine.

Constellation lights can help your child feel safe and calm at night, making bedtime a more pleasant experience.